Boo! Meet Zero the Dog


A lot has been made in recent years about the presence of dogs in the workplace. In these days of work-life balance, they increase productivity, team collaboration, and overall employee happiness. None of this is news to SurveyGizmo though, we’ve welcomed our doggie friends the entire decade we’ve been around! From the early days of Frankie the Wonder Dog wandering around our tiny office, to today’s formalized Doggie Policy, there’s no denying Gizmos love their canines.

Since our dogs are such a constant presence, we thought it might be fun to introduce you to a few! From time to time, we plan to spotlight one of our fuzzy friends. After all, who doesn’t love looking at cute dog pictures on the internet? First Up: ZERO!

Zero the dog is the faithful companion of our resident word Sorceress, Bri Hillmer. Bri has been an employee for almost five years, and Zero has been in her life for a little over a year. Bri is a huge advocate of doggie adoption and actively supports local shelters. She first met Zero right around the corner at the Boulder Humane Society.

In between adorable photos of Zero dressed as a Tarantula I took the time to ask Bri a few questions about what it’s like to be able to bring her best pal to work.

What is the best part about being able to bring your dog to the office?

He’s like instant stress relief for everyone!

Yes, he is. Does he get a lot of visitors when he’s here?

He does! [the other] Bri comes between phone calls, Sandy before her webinars, and Michelle likes to teach him tricks.

Wow, so you get people from all teams over there. Do you feel like the pup policy adds value to your job? Adds to you job satisfaction?

Definitely! It makes my life easier. It also brings people together here. There are people I only really talk with when Zero is with me. He’s a great ice-breaker

What do you think Zero would say if we asked him how he feels about his SurveyGizmo days?

I love the attention and the crumbs on the kitchen floor!

One last question. What are his favorite things?

Walks, snuggling, and playing with other dogs

Anything else you or Zero want us to tell the world?

There are so many animals that need homes. Shelters are the best place to start your search.
Boulder Humane is so supportive and helpful through the adoption process. There are so many rescues and shelter out there doing great things.

Mary L (Moderator) answered


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