Is it possible to blank the IP address and yet retain the City


I am looking to build a survey where we want to retain the city of a respondent for statistical and analysis purposes but wish to remove/not capture the IP address as in some territories this is regarded as personally identifiable data.

If I opt for the anonymous survey then IP and associated Geolocation data are not captured.

Is there a way to blank the IP address of a respondent at the time of taking the survey? (setting a hidden variable value etc?)

Thanks in advance


Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is no way to stop SurveyGizmo from collecting the IP address from the respondent’s browser unless you use the anonymous survey function  Your best option is to exclude that field from your response data exports.  The IP is system data, not response data, so it can’t be manipulated from within the survey.  If you have concerns about the security of the data you might want to review who on your team can access this survey and their assigned roles.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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