Best way to email (customised) results summary?


We’ve got a survey set up to collect information about events that people have run. We’d like to collate that information and send out a periodic update to people who’ve signed up for updates (this list would be 100s of addresses). This email would be customised and include only some of the data. We may even simplify/group the data somewhat (e.g. instead of including the country name we might use the continent name instead).

My current plan is to use the API or HTTP Post to collect/send the data to our own database and then just put together an email from that data.

Before I do that, however, I’d like to see if anyone has any suggestions as to if there’s an easier way to do this? i.e. am I missing a tool/integration that would simplify this process for us?

About our survey:

  • We have an Enterprise account
  • Our survey uses display logic and piping for questions and radio/textbox grid rows (I assume this means Google sheets integration is out?)


Pete asked
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    Hi Seanalee,

    Thank you for your response!

    I did see this in the help documentation but my understanding is that this will email a link to a survey report. Is that correct?

    We would like to include all the data in the email itself. So a summary email that lets our mailing list know of what events have run in the last week/month. Is that possible?


    Pete answered

      Hi Pete!
      Thanks for the post!
      My suggestion is to set up a report for a recurring send. This way, you can customize the report you want sent regularly without having to go out of you way:)

      Here is a link to our documentation:

      As for your spreadsheet action, piping isn’t recommended but the action will not interfere with this automatic report send:)

      I hope this is an easier way for you to send out that report;)


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