Best Practice for Intercept surveys


We just implemented an intercept / pop up survey. On mobile, the survey opens in a new page, but for those on a laptop/desktop, the survey opens in an iframe (an inline frame that is over our website).

This seems a little bit intrusive, but is this the recommended best practice (particularly in terms of response rates)? (I’m assuming that it is, given it’s the default and requires changes to be made to the CSS if we want the pop up to open in a new window…), but am curious to know thoughts, particularly if anybody has actually tested response rates for iframe vs. new window surveys.



adamcohen388770 asked

    Thanks – this is helpful… I’d love to be able to see whether / how this might impact response rates, but how do I actually check to see how many people have been served the pop up? – I’m not sure where to find this info…

    adamcohen388770 answered

      Hi Adam!

      The main reason our team chose to use an iframe on desktop browsers is to avoid pop-up blockers. Because iframes tend to be more difficult to use on touch-screen devices, and pop-up blockers are less of an issue, the mobile experience opens your survey in a new window as the default.

      I too would be curious about this affecting response rates, though! And I hope this information is helpful for you 🙂

      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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