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Hi there;


I have 300 exhibitor booth and 50 judges. What I need is to my judges rate each of them out of 5 star and I will get winner from their total ratings.


How could I do that and Can I import my exhibitor list?


Thank you!

bugra asked

    Short answer is yes you can. There is a star rating question type that you can use and you can easily set up individual urls for each judge using merge tags so you can capture each vote by a specific judge.

    How you set this up will depend on how you want the survey to function for the judge (i.e. do you want them to select a booth and then present the question about the five star rating or do you want all 300 booths listed in one star rating question).

    Here is some information on the star rating question type:

    and here is how you would use the merge tags with the url for the individual judges:

    Jon E (Moderator) answered


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