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I have a series of questions that will be randomized. I want to add a condition to ask only based upon responses to other questions in the rotation. However, the Logic Builder only allows me to pick questions placed before a particular question – it doesn’t take randomization into account.

Does anyone know a work around that will allow me access to questions placed later in the survey?

Kevin Lyons328882 asked

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    Question logic is always set up on Build page by editing the follow-up question (you can only base logic on questions that appear earlier in the survey)….

    I’m not sure if what you are looking to accomplish is going to be possible with built in functionality – but maybe I am not understanding fully?

    Can you provide an example of what you are trying to set up?

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hello, I understand that you want to insert a logic within set of randomized pages and you want that such logic should take into account actual order of pages in current survey session.

      It doesn’t make too much sense in  general. Randomization assumes that something will go randomly. Logic assume that something will go predictable. If there is something in your survey that could be predefined, you should build your questionnaire based on that logic. Perhaps, it will require extra work to build all possible survey branches, if it’s really need.

      Apart of that, I want to warn you to be very careful with randomized set of pages and logic. Such blocks should always logically start and finish with static page that doesn’t participate in randomization block. Otherwise, if you will apply logic to send to randomized page or from randomized page, most likely you will lose some responses.

      For example, you randomized pages A,B,C and some skip logic sent the survey to the page A. Because A,B,C is randomized, it might be so that the actual order in current run is C,B,A. It means that page A in fact is the last page in the block. Therefore, pages B and C will not shown at all.

      Nikolay Ryazantsev answered


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