How to avoid and identify quicly duplicate questionnaires uploaded after offline data collection


Hi Survey Gizmo!

After off line data collection with off line mode in Lybia, i have a certain number of duplicate questionnaire who came back. In some location it s more than the two third of the questionnaires which are the same. I m not sure how this is happening. Two questions:

  • How can i prevent this to happen and what instructions to give my teams.
  • How to identify the duplicates directly in gizmo and not while in Excel.

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Patrice Chataigner answered

    I have seen this happen with slow internet connections (typically during the upload process the slow connection would cause the person uploading to click the upload button multiple times – resulting in multiple uploads of the same response).

    The main advice for preventing this is to absolutely make sure that the upload button is click only one time.

    Regarding identifying the duplicate responses, there is not a means for doing this in SG – I think Excel will be your best bet.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Dominic, thanks! I believe slow internet connextion in Libya is the norm. so might be the reason…

      all my best and thanks for your answer




      Patrice Chataigner answered


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