[Solved] Is average completion time available anywhere?


I know I used to be able to see how long my participants took to finish, but I can’t seem to find it now. Can you point me in the right direction?


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    You can calculate this manually in Excel (or most other spreadsheets) from a CSV export without too much trouble if that helps.

    Export your data to CSV

    Open in Excel

    Insert a new column somewhere after column C and set the formula in row 2 to:


    (column C is Date Submitted and column B is Time started)

    Select your new formula cell and change the Excel format (if you don’t know how to find this easily you can use Ctrl+1) Choose the Time category and choose the Type that looks something like 13:30:55

    Copy the your formula cell and paste it to each row for which you have data

    below the last row of data add another formula cell with something like:


    Replace D with the column letter of your completion time column and replace 101 with the number of the last row of your data.

    You may need to change the format for this cell as well.

    The result is the average completion time in hours:minutes:seconds

    You may want to delete rows with a Partial status or do other data cleanup (like removing outliers who finished too fast or too slow) before adding the new formulas.

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      The average completion time was a chart available in the Results Overview feature (which has at this point been deprecated):


      While many of the Overview charts are available in the Standard Report, it looks like the average completion time is not at this time.

      Hope this helps clarify

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        Here is a community post that we’re using to track customers interested in having this functionality return. Vote and subscribe for updates!


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