Automatically submit the page – stops scripts working



I have a problem that has driven me nuts over the past six hours.

I had a survey that worked perfectly well a couple of weeks ago.

Now I’ve returned to it, the scripts that are on pages that Automatically Submit don’t work.

If I switch off the Automatically Submit (and see the pages as I Test) then the scripts work fine, but if I switch the page to Automatically Submit the scripts stop working.

Mad. I know.

A help gratefully received.

Justin Worsley answered

    Dom, Thanks for getting back to me.

    I needed to get things working quickly, so I cheated. I moved all the scripts onto pages that do show to customers, so there are no completely hidden pages any more.

    It is strange, because those pages used to work a few weeks back but now don’t. 

    Justin Worsley answered

      Are you testing the survey via the ‘preview’ page? There are several ‘settings’ available on the Preview page, one of which being ‘fire actions’ – perhaps this is the source of the issue?

      Have you tried testing via the live link with the Auto Submit setting still enabled?

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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