Is there some way to automatically apply the same hidden variable to the first page of every survey?


99% of the surveys we launch require the same hidden variable to be embedded on the first page of the survey. Is it possible to have this done automatically to every new survey we create?

Nick answered
    Nick 38 Rep.

    Both helpful answers. Thanks.

    I ended up just creating a bare-bones survey that included all the possible hidden variables and redirects I might need, then pinning it to the top of my survey list.

    The template creation was a little confusing. I thought I did it, but the template didn’t show up on my list of possible templates when creating a new survey.

    Regardless, problem (mostly) solved!

    Nick answered

      You could also create a template that contains this hidden variable:

      All new surveys would then need to be created using this template:

      Dominic Sharpe answered

        I often do the same with several surveys;  I just copy the survey with the URL variables (and obviously give it a new name) so that I don’t have to recreate them.  Or I believe you can create it as a library element. 

        adamcohen388770 answered


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