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I’m new to this tool and I selected the PRO-subscription because of the multi-language support.

But, whatever language I select, error messages are always appearing in English.

I expected that, by selecting a language (e.g. Italian) for a new project (survey), error messages are AUTOMATICALLY displayed in this language.

Am I missing something? How can I get this done?

Or do I need to manually translate all the messages by myself???

jboke answered

    Considering that 90% of messages, button states etc are standard and not custom to most users.  Are there templates of those translations available (from surveygizmo, or a benevolent Survey creator) that you are willing to share?

    Seems a bit 2001 to have to create that list form scratch for every user and ever survey.  Especially for ‘Messages, Save & Continue, and Reports’.

    My particular need is for French and Portugese right now, but I think this would be a useful resource for many users.


    jboke edited answer

      SurveyGizmo does not provide translations, so for error messages and other default survey text, translations need to be input.

      Once you have created translations for any language, you can opt to re-use these for other projects in that language via the following option:

      3. (OPTIONAL) If you’ve already translated standard messaging in a different survey, you can select the option to ‘Copy standard messaging for this language from an existing project’ and a search box will appear. Type in the name or ID of the survey with the translated elements and click Add Language. Now all your standard messaging will have copied over, saving you tedious data entry time!

      This is from the following document:

      I hope this helps clarify!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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