How can I automate real-time exports without manually resetting the reset count?


We have an automated import tool which takes our SG data export URLs and processes the data nightly. My question is if there’s a way to always force a refresh of the data before retrieving, without having to schedule recurring runs.

The “Scheduled Delivery” requires a “Send to” address which isn’t needed, and it’s also limited to 120 runs without manually resetting the count. We have dozens of surveys, and manually managing the reset count isn’t ideal because surveys start and stop at all times.

I know you can add “&realtime=true” to the end of the URL to force a refresh in a browser window, but our automated tool doesn’t run in a browser, so the refresh script won’t be called. Are there any good options available?  Ideally there would be a way to schedule the export to be automatically refreshed daily if there’s new data, or at least have a URL parameter that triggers the refresh without requiring the browser.  We don’t mind making multiple calls if needed — one to initiate a refresh and one to get the latest data.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Howard90 answered

    Thanks Lola.  The API is probably the right option, but we already have infrastructure in place to support CSV output from different sources, so I was hoping to avoid having to customize to use the API output.

    Tom Howard90 answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      Perhaps the FTP option might suit your needs:

      Additionally, you might consider exploring SurveyGizmo’s API to see if you can pull the data you need that way:

      I hope one of these is helpful!

      Lola Gill answered


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