Autofill State and Cities


In the contact form (or other method), is it possible to have a prepopulated list of states and cities and “auto detect”. States would be fairly easy to put into a drop down menu. I am thinking of the forms you fill out when you put in your billing information and you start typing a state and the list scrolls to the choice. It would be harder to do with city given the infinite number. I’m not sure if this is something requested often.


Jim Wetherill answered

    You could place a TEXTBOX type question in your CONTACT FORM and set the validation to AUTO SUGGEST.  You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – question type has the US States as a built-in option,

    If you have a limited number of cities on your list and you could place the question outside of the CONTACT FORM, you could use the CASCADING DROPDOWN question type –

    Jim Wetherill answered


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