Why are auto-generated responses delayed and not instantaneous?


I’ve tested my site and have submitted a completed survey to receive an auto-generated confirmation email. The emails have in fact hit my inbox but there is a 30 minute delay. How can I change this to take place right away?

Stephen Edelson answered

    I ran a test on our survey about 9 hours ago and still have not received my email. In fact, the form worked perfectly for years with a 30-45 minute delay, but then, last spring, it started having trouble after I changed the email address associated with the form due to a domain change.

    Now it seems the emails are not getting through. We have a larger user base – help

    Stephen Edelson answered

      Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for posting to the Community Forum.  As a fellow SurveyGzimo user I can tell you SurveyGizmo is very careful to make sure that their domain is not designated as a source of spam.  All auto-generated emails are placed in a queue and sent to recipients in a controlled manner,  The amount of time that it takes for any one email message to be sent depends on how many other emails are in the queue.  Sometimes the email tests come back immediately, other times they are delayed.

      If you need more/better information, please contact SurveyGizmo Support.

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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