Auto generate selections on a check box question from a prior response


I am working in an Enterprise account.

I want to build logic into a checkbox question that will check all checkboxes if the survey participant selects an answer on a previous question. This may seem confusing but see below.

Ideally, I would like me survey to go as follows:

  1. In the first question, I am asking respondents to identify their role from a drop down box;
  2. The very next question, I am asking them to select the name of the organizations they manage in that role (checkbox style). Some roles (question #1) manage all organizations and I would like for this question to be automatically filled out.
  3. The next questions repeat for every organization selected. In other words, respondents are filling out data based on their role (question #1) for each organization (question #2)

Any help is appreciated.


William Shaw asked
    qc 560 Rep.

    Although it is possible to accomplish what you asked via custom scripting, a much simpler solution to your problem would be to just include an “All of the above” option in your list of checkbox options (which can be set up right in the survey builder, no custom scripting required).

    qc answered


      Thanks for the response. For the “Repeat Page” function to work effectively, I would need the second drop down box to allow multiple answers.

      Further clarifying the question, I would like all checkboxes to be selected on a question if they choose a  specific roles on a prior. For example, the accountant will provide responses for each organization while the field coordinator will only answer questions for one or two organization. I don’t want the accountant to have to select each checkbox, as there are about 15 organizations.


      William Shaw answered

        How many different roles and organizations are there?  I am answering with out over-thinking this,  but if there are a small number of each you might be able to use a cascading drop-down type question to combine both questions 1 & 2?

        Jim Wetherill answered


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