Attachment uploads in a secure way


Hi everyone, 


I am creating a survey where some users need to upload an attachment, which could contain private information. I know that this information is not encrypted upon storage on SurveyGizmo’s Amazon servers. Do you have alternative solutions which you’ve found to this type of file upload, where the information would be transmitted and stored securely. 

This information needs to be in an attachment and cannot be directly entered into the survey itself. 

Adrian Dias answered

    Hi Mary,


    Has there been an update to this issue now? I am facing a similar problem as the attachments being uploaded are of a personal nature.



    Admin - SurveyGizmo commented

      Hi Inessa, 

      I don’t believe there is an alternative through SurveyGizmo.  When I am in your situation, I either ask them to email it to me directly or I set up a secure file transfer through our CRM/Salesforce using Salesforce Chatter. 


      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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