[Solved] At end of survey how do I re-route completes to a PDF file?


At the end of my survey, I want to give everyone who completes it a coupon for a free beverage. The coupon will be a PDF file. My survey link isn’t being sent out through SurveyGizmo so I won’t be able to do hidden values – all respondents will have the same survey link. I know I can limit how many coupons are provided through QUOTAS, but how do I give the completes this ‘instant reward’?



Brenda Bryan asked

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    Hi Brenda,

    If you want to give every survey taker the ability to download the coupon, you could upload your PDF to the SurveyGizmo library and then insert a hyperlink to download the PDF.  Check out this help article on how to “Create a Hyperlink to Download a Document”: Create a Hyperlink to Download a Document





    Mary Panos Loy answered


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