Associating url var with a predefined list?




Let’s say I have a list with 2 items:

I would like to pass a url var (k=1) and display the associated value (XXX) in one of my questions. How can I do that?


Thanks for you help!

FYI Solutions I have seen in the help but that do not work in my exact case are:

  • Making one question for XXX and YYY and routing respondent to the correct question base on the value of k
  • Passing directly XXX and YYY in the url var


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    You can do this on any page after the first if you have access to Hidden Value fields and custom scripting.

    On the first page, insert a Hidden Value field to hold the translated value of your URL variable.

    At the very top of the second page create a custom script that would be something like:

    %%qid = 5;
    switch (sgapiURLValue(“k”)) {
    case 1:
    sgapisetvalue(%%qid, “XXXX”);
    case 2:
    sgapisetvalue(%%qid, “YYYY”);
    case 3:
    sgapisetvalue(%%qid, “ZZZZ”);
    sgapisetvalue(%%qid, “ERROR”);

    Then where you wanted to show the value use a merge code like: [question(“value”), id=”5″]

    The above assumes that the hidden value has a question ID of 5, but you can change it to match the id of the hidden value you created.

    Note that this forum translates normal quotes to left- and right-quotes. This will cause your script to fail if you copy and paste. You would need to type over all of the quote characters to have a working script.

    IS answered


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