[Solved] Are my surveys on Google?


I’d like an official response to send to my client.

Rudy Raintree asked

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    Great Question!

    Surveys created through SurveyGizmo are only accessible through a specific URL address that is generated as soon as you begin creating your project. These projects could be accessed through the default link (found under the ‘Share’ tab) or through an email campaign. This help document should help you differentiate between the two.

    Unless an individual has access to this specific address, they will not be able to access  your survey. So, in short, your survey will not be accessible through a simple Google search.

    Japhy Ryder answered

      I’m curious about this too… we’re going to be doing some giveaways and I don’t want randos to find them instead of the people I’m sending them to on purpose.

      Elizabeth Rose answered

        Surveys aren’t indexed on Google. Don’t worry!

        Taylor Morgan answered


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