Archived Survey yet now unable to find the survey as my home page does not provide a list of current or archived surveys.


I am on the free version and therefore only can have 3 surveys.  I mistakenly moved a survey to Archive instead of deleting it and now would like to delete it.  I checked all the documentation and all mention seeing the folder “Archived” on my home page, but I do not….I only see “All surveys” as shown below.

Honeywell Corporate Audit answered

    Hi Kati,

    I’m sorry for the trouble! I have alerted our Support team and they were able to un-archive the survey. You should now be able to delete it from your home page.

    I hope this helps!

    David Domagalski
    Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
    SurveyGizmo |

    tammyhunt commented
      • I just had the same thing happen. How do I get the archived survey back? Nothing shows up for archived surveys on my home page. Help!


      The same happened for me!  Please help ASAP!


      Honeywell Corporate Audit answered


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