How do I apply a date format to a question ID?


example 1: [question(“value”), id=”29″,format=”Y-m-d”]

example 2: [system(“date”),format=”Y-m-d”]


I can’t figure out the syntax to make example 1 work. Example 2 works without a problem!

Alex Walker answered

    Sorry Alex – I don’t know what to tell you.  It works on my end –

    How are you collecting the date from the respondent?

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Fixed it – here’s the issue:

      Alex Walker answered

        I’m just passing it to another application which expects a text string which looks like YYYY-MM-DD. 

        If I were facing a similar problem in Excel, I’d start doing things like (left, 4 characters), (right, 2 characters) etc. and then piece it back together.

        Is that more or less hassle than custom scripting – as I’m not at all familiar with scripting?

        Alex Walker answered


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