[API] Survey interactions


Using the web interface, I can go to the “Style” tab, select “Layout” and choose from a set of interaction – great!

Is there any way I can set these options using the API? I can’t find any mention of it in the docs, and when I change the selection, it has no effect on the response when I query the API for the survey at /v5/survey/{surveyId}?… It isn’t mentioned at all.

The default when creating a survey seems to be “One at a time” which isn’t suitable for our purpose.

Mary L (Moderator) answered

    I also do not see an option in the API documentation. However, a potential work around would be to utilize a theme in the API call? One of the available parameters you can use in the POST is Theme Id. If you set up the theme with all the Style options you want, they should show up when you create a survey via the API if you specify the theme in the call

    joelving commented
      • Sounds like a valid workaround.

        Apparently, I’m missing something, cause when I try to make a theme, it doesn’t persist the setting. It sends the ajax request fine, when I change the interaction, and the server responds with a 200 – OK, but when I refresh the page it resets.
        Even when I trigger a save by updating the header color or similar, it resets the mobile interaction (but the header color is updated).

        So yeah, I can set the theme just fine, I just can’t create the proper theme.



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