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Hi, we haven’t changed anything on our end in +- a year, and the api stopped working today. I see the deprecation warning but I have no reason to believe that it should be dead 10 days before. 

We’re using the python wrappers, the call dying is “

provider_key = 1457049

self.sg.api.add_filter(‘datesubmitted’, ‘>’, datetime.now() + timedelta(days=-2))

self.sg.api.surveyresponse.list(provider_key, resultsperpage=500)

is returning:
{u’message’: u’Missing / Incorrect Parameters’, u’code’: 400, u’result_ok’: False}

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    Hi there!

    I am so sorry to hear that you ran into this issue with the API. Our Escalation team is currently investigating this for us. You can visit – https://community.surveygizmo.com/questions/question/known-issue-filtering-on-url-variables-in-rest-api-results-in-error/ for updates.


    Thank you for your time and be sure to email us at support@sgizmo.com or chat us for urgent matters or updates. Have a wonderful day!

    Tawnee Torres
    Your Rockabilly Rebel support hero :-)

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      We have the same problem when calling the rest API.

      Networked Business Institute263695 answered

        members of the community respond to questions when they have the time and expertise to be of use.  I am not sureHow quickly you will get a response, so I have flagged your posting for the attention of SurveyGizmo Support.  You can contact them yourself at https://community.surveygizmo.com/email-a-support-hero/

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