[Solved] Any way to change text that displays on checkbox/other


Working from a SG Pro account.

When using an “Other” field with Checkbox on Mobile I do not see a way to control the text that displays on top the “Other” section. In my example the Checkbox is asking the question “Max client weight for transfers:” but the Other box displays “Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection.”

Is there a way to control the text message that displays on the Other box? I think the current default text is too confusing.


Dominic Sharpe answered

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    If you go to Tools>Text and Translations>English and then find that question and edit it, there will be a spot to where you can edit that field. Cheers!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Hello. I could not find this message to edit it. can you be more specific, please? 🙂 I searched for it on all the 4 tabs available under “text and translation”. grazie 🙂

      CTC Team153624 answered

        Hey all,

        This option is found under Text & Translations > English > General…

        You then need to open the question with the other option and find a field labeled Question 1 Other Text for Mobile.

        See screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/CbieJZhBJrC

        Hope this helps!

        Onderzoekers LLBA commented
          • Thanks, the screenshot helps a lot. I didn’t figure out the question would also have the option to change the answer-fields.


          Hi CTC Team and others,

          Same problem here. Can’t find the text in the “text and translation” tabs. 

          You don’t stand alone. 😉

          Onderzoekers LLBA answered


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