[Solved] Any way to change text that displays on checkbox/other


Working from a SG Pro account.

When using an “Other” field with Checkbox on Mobile I do not see a way to control the text that displays on top the “Other” section. In my example the Checkbox is asking the question “Max client weight for transfers:” but the Other box displays “Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection.”

Is there a way to control the text message that displays on the Other box? I think the current default text is too confusing.


Dominic Sharpe answered

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    If you go to Tools>Text and Translations>English and then find that question and edit it, there will be a spot to where you can edit that field. Cheers!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Hi CTC Team and others,

      Same problem here. Can’t find the text in the “text and translation” tabs. 

      You don’t stand alone. 😉

      Onderzoekers LLBA answered

        Hey all,

        This option is found under Text & Translations > English > General…

        You then need to open the question with the other option and find a field labeled Question 1 Other Text for Mobile.

        See screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/CbieJZhBJrC

        Hope this helps!

        Onderzoekers LLBA commented
          • Thanks, the screenshot helps a lot. I didn’t figure out the question would also have the option to change the answer-fields.


          Hello. I could not find this message to edit it. can you be more specific, please? 🙂 I searched for it on all the 4 tabs available under “text and translation”. grazie 🙂

          CTC Team153624 answered


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