Use answers in one survey to create question options in another


I am surveying different layers in  an organisation and need to use the responses on priorities from senior colleagues to provide options for questions(dropdowns, select, checkbox, ratings etc.) provided to others.


How can this be done?  Any example script of something similar would be really useful.


Thanks in advance.

Fiachra311302 answered

    Thanks.  Is helpful. 

    Fiachra311302 answered

      I imagine this type of configuration needing to utilize several API calls.

      You would likely need to use the survey response object to pull in response data from the first survey:

      At that point (assuming you have access to development resources), you would need to write scripts to loop through this data and pull out the relevant information. You would then likely need to use the survey question object to create questions in the second survey:

      I don’t have any concrete examples of what this would look like in practice, but hopefully this is helpful from a conceptual standpoint.


      Dominic Sharpe answered


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