Answer Validation – comparison with another response


Consider for example the following questions answered by an adult:

  1. How many people live in your house? [validation allows only positive numbers]
  2. How many people with less than 15 years live in your house? [only numbers]

Is it possible to force the response of question 2 to be less than the response given in question 1?

I tried to use hidden values but I can’t manage to use it in validation…

AdrianaMatias answered

    Thank you@Dominic !

    It was quite simple using those functions: 

    %%questionID = 481;
    %%property = ‘max_number’;
    %%value = sgapiGetValue(485);

    sgapiSetQuestionProperty(%%questionID, %%property, %%value);


    AdrianaMatias answered

      This is not possible as an out-of-the-box solution but could be done with the use of SurveyGizmo’s Custom Scripting:

      It looks like a user previously asked a similar question and got a little direction in terms of which functions would need to be used:

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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