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Hi, I’m trying to design a survey where the respondent selects their “Department” from a drop down list, and then on the following page there is two text questions for “Department Manager” and “Manager’s Email”. The answers for these two questions would be pre-populated based on the “Department” selected on the previous page. 

The email would then later be used to email the manager with a copy of the response. 

The survey wont be distributed by email, but will be accessible via a link. 

Anyone have any suggestions on how this might be achieved? 

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    Providing your list of Departments isn’t too long, I think the following might work…

    You can set up subsequent questions which will only appear based on logic/certain conditions being met in previous questions – so you could add multiple versions of the next two questions (dept. manager and manager email), each relating to a different answer option in the ‘department’ question.  You can then set a default answer as required, which will form the pre-populated response the user will see.

    To do this you would add the next two questions (dept. manager & manager email), then go to the logic tab of each question, and select ‘Only show this question based on answers to previous questions or other logic conditions’ – you can then define your criteria i.e. answer to department question = ‘Finance’ for example.  Then in the Layout tab, you can enter the default answer value which would be the name of the ‘Finance’ dept. manager in one question, and their email address in the other question. 

    Then you can copy these two questions as manay times as needed and adapt for each dept. on your dropdown list, by changing the logic to show a match to different department names, and updating the default values to match.

    If you don’t have too many departments I think this would work fine – you would have multiple versions of the question in the back end of the survey, but the respondent would only ever see one. I guess if you have many departments listed this approach might be a bit tedious though. 

    Katie answered


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