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Hi,  I have read the search help and community page as well as survey gizmo pages but am still confused.

I am doing new to survey platforms.  I am doing an online anonymous survey for my dissertation study and I will no be collecting IP addresses.  How do I set my survey up so that each participant that has done the survey has a number and all of their responses stay with the survey number?  For example:

Participant 1 Survey 1 (with all the survey questions and responses completed).  

Participant 2 Survey 2 (with all the survey questions and responses completed).  

how to set up a survey response ID for the participants .

I have gone to the advanced section and noted the button that allows you to hide IP, but I am not sure how to asign each survey completed a survey response number.  I need to also be able to print out each survey to keep as a hard copy for my dissertation in case I am asked for my data

thank you for your guidance.


Seema answered

    Thank you.

    Seema answered

      Responses are assigned a RESPONSE ID number as they are recorded in the database.  This number is visible if you look at the Individual Report tab.  The RESPONSE ID can also be included in the data export to CVS/Excel.

      If this does not serve your purpose, there are two other methods that you can use.  These are covered in an article in the SurveyGizmo documentation –

      Good luck!

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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