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Please your support, I sent a survey, in the first question the respondents have to choose a group (for example: Male or Female) and then they answer the same questions, my question is: Can I generate a report in Survey Gizmo to analyze the answers of each group?, (for example, for a yes/no question, I want to know, how many men vote yes?, how many woman vote no??). 

Thank you, I wait for your answer.

jtagle asked

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    Yes, you will be able to use questions to filter and create reports. You can do simple summary reports and use the logic builder to select Male/Female only respondents.

    You can also, for example use the Male/Female question in the Cross Tab or Comparison report to provide even more analytics.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered
      • Thank you, do you have some guide to use the logic builder?, it’s posible with the basic plan?



      here is the link to the basic information for logic, piping and repeating. That should help you get started.

      There is some great recorded webinars if you like the visual.



      Mary M (Moderator) answered


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