Alphabetizing a drop down list.


Using a simple dropdown list and I want it to be in alphabetical order, with Other as the last question. I figured out how to lock the Other down, but the list doesn’t want to sort alphabetically. Can’t seem to get the up/down arrows to do anything in EDIT.

Robert Knight asked
    • Hi Robert, I was having the same problem — and then found out that you have to click and drag the option instead of just clicking the arrows to move up and down.


    Hi Robert,

    Have you seen the Option Sorting section found in the Layout tab? This will give you the option to sort alphabetically. Take a look here. You can edit the “other” answer option and choose to fix it in place so that the alphabetical sorting doesn’t take hold on that option as well.

    I hope this helps.


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered
      • Hi Chris,
        Can you provide any insight as to why the up & down arrows to move an option up or down the list aren’t functioning? We have a list that we can’t sort alphabetically with the Option Sorting in the Layout tab because it each answer option begins with the day of the week first– which would put all of the days of the week together instead of our need for date order. So, anytime we add additional options we can’t move them up to the appropriate date order spot. Any ideas?



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