Alignment of text in continuous sum questions that wraps onto a second row


I have a continuous sum question where people are saying what percent of their time they spend on various tasks. Some of the descriptions of tasks are long and wrap onto a second line. There is no problem when the font size is small, but when it is larger (i.e., 36 pt), these longer descriptions are not aligned with the others. See the example image below to see what I mean. How do I make sure all descriptions are left aligned? 



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    Hi Orie,

    I’m having trouble replicating what you are seeing. I did a little digging and see in a chat transcript that you are also applying some custom CSS. If you can share that CSS with us perhaps I can sort out how to keep this from happening. Feel free to leave that CSS here or chat with one of our heroes!

    The SurveyGizmo Team

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      • Thank you for your reply. I realize that it was indeed the custom CSS code I was using that was causing this problem. I was using td:first-child {text-align:center;} to center align the first column of multiple tables that appeared earlier in the survey. I removed this code and instead centered the text in each individual cell to achieve the intended effect. I had not anticipated CSS for tables to apply to the continuous sum questions as well.

      • Yes, the HTML table is behind the scenes of many of our question types. One thing you might consider is adding a class to the questions you wish to affect and using the class in your CSS. Here is a tutorial with more info:

        The SurveyGizmo Team



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