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First, I want to align my survey in the centre of the page – I cannot see a way to do this unless I restrict the px width for the page. Am I correct that page width is best a % so it formats on mobiles?

Second I want to fix the response column widths. Even if I set the column width, usually 30px, they still display at different widths. Is there a way to see HTML for the survey table and set column widths – or some other method?

duncan.raistrick asked

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    Are you looking to center all of the survey questions and elements on the page or just the survey object itself – the survey by default should be centered when accessed via the share link (whereas the questions and text of the survey would be left aligned). You would likely need to use custom CSS code to center the actual questions and text.

    Percentage is the best way to adjust width but SurveyGizmo surveys are automatically mobile responsive when using the new themes so adjusting the width for desktop should not affect the mobile layout.

    When adjusting the width of specific table columns, I have found that this is a bit of trial and error. You need to trial and error the overall table width in conjunction with the columns widths.


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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