How to align checkboxes so they are all on the left hand side.


Help! why do my checkboxes list on the left hand side of the box at some questions and on the right hand side at other questions?

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    Where is this facility??? I want to left-align my questions but all my checkboxes have been right-aligned although I have done nothing to change the alignment. I cannot find the label position box shown in the response above. See screen shot below

    Jim W (Moderator) commented

      Hi all,

      We’ve identified this as a bug in the free plan and have escalated it to our development team to be fixed. At this time we do not have a timeline on a fix. I will update this post once this is fixed up.

      Sorry for the trouble!

      Bri Hillmer
      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

      Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
        • Hi Bri – Checking to see if there’s an update on this as I’m experiencing the same problem. Thank you!

        • Hi Kate!

          I’m sorry for the trouble! This issue is making its way up on our Development Team’s list – we hope to have this fixed up soon!

          In the meantime, I will open a support ticket on your behalf so that we can address this issue in your survey!

          You should see an email from us shortly!

          David Domagalski
          Documentation Specialist
          SurveyGizmo |

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        Maybe the label position check box was unchecked for some of the questions for some reason?

        IS answered


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