[Solved] After Register — Participants receive an invalid question in their email


This is what they get:

Thanks for Registering! 

The events you registered for are as follows:

[Invalid question ID: “94”. Check your merge code.]


[Invalid question ID: “94”. Check your merge code.]

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    Hi there,

    The message you’re seeing that says “invalid question” means that you are using an invalid merge code.  In other words, the merge code in your email message has an incorrect question ID number, it is referencing a question that does not exist on the survey.  This might be because you’ve made some changes to the survey since you originally created the Send Email action.

    The fix for this is very simple.  Edit the Send Email action, delete the merge code that’s there, then add in the merge code again from scratch.  After you do that, it should reference the correct question ID number, and it will be a valid merge code.

    Hope that helps!

    Tim – SurveyGizmo

    Tim - SurveyGizmo answered


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