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I would like to ask for the Community’s guidance on post-event surveys.

My employer conducts an annual healthcare economic policy symposium.  This event is open the public and is also webcast to interested parties.  At the conclusion of the event we send out links to a post-event survey to everyone who has registered for the event.  This survey asks what I would consider to be fairly standard questions:

  • Participants are asked to rate various factors (speakers, venue, time for Q&A, etc.) on Likert scale questions.
  • We ask open-text questions to ask what they liked about the symposium and suggestions for future topics.
  • Webcast participants are asked any technical problems they had with the webcast.

We are not sure if any of the information that we gather is actually useful.  I know that the info we have gathered from webcast participants has guided several technical improvements.  But I am not sure if the meeting organizers find the responses from the evaluations to be useful.

This might be because the meeting organizers are economists <inside joke>Economists are men who did not have the people skills to be actuaries</inside joke>.  However, I would like to solicit any ideas, experience, or examples of post-event surveys from the Community.

Thanks in advance.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Jim,

    While not personally an expert in the subject, SurveyGizmo’s blog offers some content re: Event Surveys.

    There are a handful of articles that came up in my search (some more recent than others, but there is probably some take-aways):

    Hope this is helpful!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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