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Firstly, may thanks in advance for any assistance in this. I am fairly new to surveygizmo and I am trying to find the best approach to achieve the following.

I want to create a survey with a quiz which on successful completion and opt in will trigger a second survey passing a URL Parameter (the respondent ID of the first survey) to the second survey. The second survey will collect some contact information and will then email the contact with confirmation details.


What I have achieved so far:

Survey 1
Built the first survey information section. Built the 6 quiz questions on a page Added the Quiz Score Action as a tally with success at 95% and failure 94% (previously I have tried it as a pass/fail as well)

I want to perform a URL redirection to the second survey if the user has passed the quiz and they want to continue to register their details. I want to open survey 2 passing the URL parameter of the respondent ID

I am struggling with identifying the logic that I need to make this condition happen – I am sure I am missing something simple but I cannot easily identify the quiz score field (as mentioned in the help) to trigger the logic to redirect upon successful completion of the quiz.


Survey 2
Currently this is just a shell survey but the purpose is to allow the user:

  • to identify a preferred venue. If no current venue is convenient then ask if they wish to register and be contacted if a venue near them participates.
  • collect their contact information
  • email both them and the venue contact with information

Account Type: Professional Legacy Account


Any advice on the approach is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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    It definitely sounds like you are on the right track. With regard to the URL Redirect Action, you will want to make sure that this redirect action is on a page that is after the Quiz Score Action (order of operation).

    This order will allow you to create a logic condition within the URL Redirect that is based on the quiz score.

    The Tally Quiz Score does not score that quiz on a percentage basis and as such you would need to base your logic on the cumulative quiz score. This document should be a good place to start (in case you haven’t already seen it):


    Hope this helps!

    SurveyMasterinTraining commented
      • Hi Dominic,
        Thank you for the advice, it was very helpful.

        I solved the issue by removing the quiz score and instead using a URL redirect based on the logic of the selected question responses and that also gave me more flexibility on the “failure” workflow.



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