How do I get the admin only text into the individual report?


Hi there,

My survey has logic that serves up content that only the admin should see.  How do I get the admin only content into the full individual report — as well as to populate a cvs for ppt?

For example, if a company Human Resources respondent says that their current employees issue today that employees are stressed, we have logic that displays several probable causes.  We do not wan the survey taker to see that data during the survey experience, but we will use that data when we develop a final summary and recommendation.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Debbi,

    Without more details about what you are trying to do (what content is being served up, what is being evaluated by logic conditions to determine displays, etc.) it is hard to give specific guidance.

    Our general approach would be to create an essay question, use the HIDE THIS QUESTION BY DEFAULT option under the LOGIC tab, and then place the appropriate merge code in the DEFAULT ANSWER field.  Place the question on any page where the respondent will be pressing the NEXT button.  The question will be hidden but the response will be visible in the INDIVIDUAL RESPONSES view.

    If you have a PRO or ENTERPRISE level account, you could also consider using custom scripts on an ADMIN-ONLY page.  You could use the sgapiGetValue function to evaluate the answer to a specified question and then use the sgapiSetValue function to place a response in a hidden question.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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