Admin question in pdf download of individual response.



I see that Admin questions cant be included in PDF’s when downloaded in bulk, however, can an admin question be included when downloading a PDF of an individual response?

If not are you working on this because it would be very helpful so the user doesn’t have to write a reference number on each PDF before handing it to another internal dept.




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    Hi – when I was testing one of our surveys some time back, I found that by setting questions as ‘admin’, or using ‘admin’ pages, questions were always omitted from individual PDFs whatever settings I applied.

    However, I got around it by setting up the admin questions the same as normal questions, but putting them on a separate page within the survey which is hidden and auto-submitted, so the respondent doesn’t see it.  (Create the page, then edit the page settings – on the Logic tab select ‘Yes’ under the ‘Automatically submit the page…’ heading, and on the Layout tab add ‘sg-hide’ as the CSS class name.)

    From memory, I think you then need to ensure that on the PDF settings the option to only include questions visible to the survey taker is unticked (hidden values may also need to be ticked).

    You should then have questions an admin can add answers to, but which aren’t visible to respondents, but which also appear on individual PDF reports.

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