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In your new style preset options there is one that looks like it wood grained.  We’d love to use this for a new lumber client.  However I find that text boxes and drop down menus get lost against the background as they have a blue outline.  How do change that  to make the outline clearer or better yet, make the text box and drop down menus turn a solid white like they do in other surveys. 

Perry Graha asked

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    You are going to have to write some custom CSS code to make this happen.  The default setting for most SurveyGizmo input elements is transparent (background-color: transparent;). Use the INSPECT ELEMENT feature of your browser to identify the element’s name, then create and place some custom CSS code.  Check the online documentation for examples and details.

    You could also consider increasing the opacity of the PAGE BACKGROUND.  This might eliminate the need for you to customize the transparent input elements of the questions.



    Jim Wetherill answered


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