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I am in the process of setting up a Javascript embedded survey on a webpage where the survey resides in a tab. A visitor to the site would typically click on that tab to view its contents (e.g. visiting then clicking on the Survey’ tab), though you can also switch to that tab using URL parameters (e.g. 

I am encountering an issue when the user is completing the survey – when they move to the next survey page, the entire webpage reloads and visible content switches back to the default tab, rather than going to the tab containing the survey. You can see the problem in this video. This issue can be rectified if it’s possible to add the URL parameter &tab=survey to every page in the survey.

I have read the various SurveyGizmo help pages related to adding URL parameters in surveys and passing them between different surveys, but I can’t figure out how to ensure a parameter is added for every page of the same survey. Is there a way of getting this done, such as adding a Javascript action to each page? 

Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated.  

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