Adding a translation for Custom HTML text (footer)


Hi, we currently have a piece of text in our Custom HTML code as a footer on our survey (see below).  I’m adding French translation to this survey and need to know how to update the Custom HTML code to include the French text.  Here’s what my Custom HTML looks like now:


  <div class=”sg-wrapper”>
 <div class=”sg-header”>
  <div class=”sg-header-hook-1″></div>
  <img class=”sg-header-image” src=”[template(“header image url”)]” alt=”[template(“header image text”)]”/>

  [template(“survey title”)]

  <div class=”sg-header-hook-2″></div>
 <div class=”sg-content”>
  <div class=”sg-content-hook-1″></div>

  [template(“error message”)]
      [template(“page title”)]
  [template(“page description”)]
  [template(“page contents”)]

  <div class=”sg-content-hook-2″></div>
  <div class=”sg-footer”>       
   <div class=”sg-footer-hook-1″></div>
   [template(“button bar”)]
   [template(“progress bar”)]
   [template(“footer text”)]<br>The survey tool is managed by a third party provider, Survey Gizmo, and all information collected through the survey will be stored by the provider on their servers in  the US for a period of 12 to 24 months.  Survey completion is optional and not intended to collect personally identifiable information.
   <div class=”sg-footer-hook-2″></div>









Dominic Sharpe answered

    It looks like you have hard-coded footer text into your theme’s HTML code which can’t be translated.

    The typical footer message can be translated via the Text & Translations Tool > Messages (there will be a ‘Footer Text’ section).

    Likely, what you will have to do is to remove the hard coded text that you have shown in your example above, and place that text into the Translations page for both/all language versions of your survey (under the Footer Text section).

    I hope this helps shed some light on the situation.

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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