[Solved] Adding Specific Reporting Values for individual survey responses


Is it possible to add specific reporting values for individual survey reponses? Example logic is below: 

Add up the scores for 3, 10, 17, and 24. This is your score for conceptual skills.
Add up the scores for 4, 11, 18, and 25. This is your score for empowering.
Add up the scores for 5, 12, 19, and 26. This is your score for helping subordinates grow and succeed.
Add up the scores for 6, 13, 20, and 27. This is your score for putting subordinates first.
Add up the scores for 7, 14, 21, and 28. This is your score for behaving ethically.

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    It sounds like you will want to use the Tally Quiz Score Action – this is independent of reporting values:


    Because you have 5 different categories (conceptual skills, empowering, etc.) you will need to create 5 Quiz Score Actions – each action will only score the questions associated to it.

    So for example, you would create a Tally Quiz Score action for ‘Conceptual Skills’ and would assign scores to questions 3, 10, 17, and 24 within the quiz score action.

    Hope that helps you get going!

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      Hi Terry,

      In addition to the great suggestion that Lola provided, one thing I have done in the past is used SurveyGizmo’s Custom Scripting to grab the question/answer and add each sum of answers to a hidden value.

      I don’t exactly remember why I went with that compared to the Tally Quiz Score, but it worked out perfect for me.

      The Tally Quiz Score Action doesn’t require any programming which is nice.

      Enjoy and let us know if anything comes up!

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