Adding selectable maps to my survey


So i would like my survey clients to be able to select as many countries as they are based in. this website has a free to use Africa map i would like to add and it is in html if i am not mistaken but i have no idea on how to go about this. a step by step would be great as i am testing for a company i work for with a paid account. Here is another link to a map


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alexszabomixo asked

    Thanks chad,


    I tried the multi image, failed like a rockstar. I did programming in high school so assumed I could crack it and just ended up flopping so used a 58 list drop down[Alphabetical order and Regions;)] , looks a lil harsh but i will try the next time round again or hopefully the developers add the feature. With the multi image select could you please paste me a sample question with three images so I can just reference next time. Naming the images in gallery just confused me and seemed pointless as I wanted to return the image and a Name assigned to it.

    Thanks for the advice

    Happy Surveying? is that a thing??




    alexszabomixo answered

      It sounds like you’re looking to use a heatmap kind of questoin, and I don’t think that’s possible in sg.  You might be able to have a custom question built, but you’d need to hire a developer to do that.  Can you do what you’re needing to do by using a regular image choice question?  That’s what I would recommend instead.

      Chad Wilco answered


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