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My colleague printed out several surveys for our customers to complete and now i need to add them to the rest of my responses online. How can i add responses one at a time?



Jim Wetherill answered

     I don’t know of a way to add one response at a time, but I use the Import tool and it works pretty well.  First, I create an export of all the existing answers and any fields I want to make sure I have, like email address, name, whatever you may have collected.  Then, from that export, I delete all the existing answers, and use it for the column headers and fill in the answers from the paper survey on the export file.  Save it a as a .csv, then go to Tools > Import data and upload it.   After you upload it, you have to map the columns in the spreadsheet to the questions in the survey, but there is a great little shortcut at the top right that will “suggest matches.”  Click that and it is usually 90% right, a big time saver.

    Here’s the Help article with more details:  I’ve done from 1 to 40 rows at a time, and if it’s your first time I would definitely just import a few answers, then double check them and make sure they mapped to the right questions.  I’ve had some larger files just stop after a certain number of rows, so I don’t import more than 40 rows at a time now.  

    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom answered

      When faced with a similar situation, one of our internal clients just assigned an intern to click on the survey link and enter the responses directly off of the hardcopies. Depending on how many hardcopies you have and their complexity/length, it may be more cost-effective and reliable to just enter the responses manually.

      Jim Wetherill answered


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