[Solved] Adding reporting values to Dropdown Menu Grid – Dropdown Menu Items


Is there any way to add reporting values to the Dropdown Menu Items in a Dropdown Menu Grid question?


For example, if I’d like all “Low” values to export as ‘0’.


Paul Matsui asked

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    Hi Ian,

    I figured it out for you!

    Perform the following:

    1. Set a custom class to the question, in this example I set it as ‘menuGrid’.
    2. Add the following javascript before your question –

    var myElement = $(‘.menuGrid select’);
    myElement.find(‘option:eq(1)’).val(‘3’);  // this is assuming that your
    myElement.find(‘option:eq(2)’).val(‘2’);  // only options are High, Medium
    myElement.find(‘option:eq(3)’).val(‘1’);  // and Low.

    The eq(%%this) is equivalent to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd option in the list. (The (0) option is the Please Select)

    The val(‘%%this‘) is the new value that is applied to the option.

    I have not done any testing to see how this transfers over in reporting but it does get the value to change in the Radio Button Grid.


    Jacob Hayslett answered

      Hey Jacob,

      I only want to set the reporting values for the actual drop-down list values.  

      Take the original screenshot for example- I have a drop-down with 4 options (“High”, “Medium”, “Low”, “N/A”).  When the survey loads, this creates an HTML <select> element with four options.

      I want:
      <option value=”High“>High</option>

      To look like:

      <option value=”3“>High</option>


      Is there any way to configure the dropdown items to have a reporting value?  On paper this seems like it should be configurable without doing custom JavaScript that is liable to break on the next upgrade.


      Paul Matsui answered

        Hey Ian,

        Sorry I saw that I posted a picture with a Radio Button Grid rather than a Dropdown Menu List, they both work the same though.

        Are you looking to have different answers based off the row?

        If you are looking for that I would think you would need to set a custom value with javascript.

        Jacob Hayslett answered

          Thanks Jacob, but what I would like to do is set the reporting values for the Dropdown Menu Items within each cell in the grid.  Any chance there is a backdoor way of doing this (so that the user sees text in the dropdowns, but it is stored/reported as a numeric value)?




          Paul Matsui answered

            Hi Paul,

            Click the link on the bottom left that says Advanced Option Settings and set the Reporting Values to Custom.

            Jacob Hayslett answered


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