[Solved] Adding number limit to each section of continuous sum


I’m creating a survey where I need to add up scores from multiple categories. I initially used the continuous sum, but could not put a limit on the number total for each category. I decided to use the number question type and have each category as it’s own question with a limit on the number for each category, but can’t figure out how to add up all of the numbers entered for a total. My question is:

is it possible to place a limit on each box in continuous sum?


is it possible to add up numbers from previous numeric questions to get a total? 

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    As Chad points out, this would not be a built in feature.  However, with custom scripting you could achieve this functionality.


    Here is a link to the custom scripting documentation: http://script.surveygizmo.com/help


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    Tyler - SurveyGizmo answered

      I don’t think there’s anything built into sg that would sum up separate values entered into separate “number” questions like that.  You might have to write a script for something like that to get it to work.

      Chad Wilco answered


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