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Hi! We have added some actions and logic and scripts to some of the last pages on our survey and wonder what happens if we decide to add a new question on some of the first pages. Will we get into trouble with numbering of fields or field IDs? How can we do this without jeopardizing our existing setup?

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    It’ll depend on exactly what your existing logic and scripts were doing, but most likely, you should have no problem inserting those new questions. Question IDs, Page IDs, SKUs, etc. that are used in custom scripting are fixed to the questions, pages, options, etc. that they were created for, so inserting new questions won’t affect which original questions your scripts referred to. Logic, for the most part, behaves the same way.

    A relatively painless way to test out your updates would be to duplicate your existing survey, and apply the updates to the duplicate copy. When you duplicate a survey, all of those question IDs and logic also get duplicated as-is, so you can test whether the inserted questions have any negative effects without jeopardizing the original.

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