Adding meta tags to each question and exporting post survey data in json format


we  need to do POC  on it  by creating a sample questioner  and able to add meta data tags for each question behind scenes. we should able to download  data from survey gizmo  as JSON format.

Bruce answered

    Meta data for each question would be great.  That would be extra information about the question to but use for backend integrations.  For example, a question might have a id associated with it or an optional tip for the user.

    Bruce answered

      Hi there!

      SurveyGizmo is able to export data in a variety of formats, but JSON is not one of those, I am sorry to say 🙁 The supported formats for raw data exports include CSV, XLS, XML, and SPSS.

      Regarding meta data tags, I am not entirely sure what you are trying to describe. Would you mind providing an example of what this might look like for a question, and how you would like that to show up in your raw data export?

      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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