Adding Function Buttons to the bottom of a form or survey


I’m building a form and would like to add a function button next to the “Submit” button to ‘submit and go to top of a blank form’ .
Such that there will be a button that will ‘submit and go to top of a blank form’ and a button that will ‘submit and exit’.
I currently accommodate this functionality using text instructions and a URL re-direct but I would like to simplify this for the user using a button if possible. Thank you.

Chris Betts348295 answered

    This would involve a custom solution as there is not a built in functionality for exactly what you are looking for – though you might consider exploring the Kiosk functionality:

    Also, if you don’t have development resources of your own, you might check out SurveyGizmo’s Programming Services Team as an option:

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thank you for that Dominic. I may just leave it as is. It does everything customer wants now, I just thought maybe I could simplify it a little. If they really want the added button we’ll look into the programming services option.

      Chris Betts348295 answered


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